Wheel block – CS01

+ Designed by Korea

+ Material: Black plastic and reflective stickers

+ Dimensions: 750x125x110mm

+ Full set of screws

+ Made in Vietnam

+ Molded rubber wheel stops are used to guide vehicles when stopping as well as protect objects in front of your vehicle. Helps you no longer have to worry about parking in a garage, parking lot or bus station.

+ Black with yellow stripes on both sides.

+ Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.

+ Easy to install with screws and glue.

+ Solid base structure.

+ Strong reflection in the dark.

Molded rubber wheel stop:

1. Made from high-strength rubber, with great anti-pressure properties, plus the product surface has a certain softness, which can reduce friction between wheels and tires;

2. On the surface, there is a yellow reflective film that is durable against friction and highly reflective, making the wheel locator's exterior easily recognizable and promoting its reflective effect, achieving the warning goal. ;

3. Special technology ensures color durability, beautiful and sophisticated appearance;

4. Stable installation, when collided with the car, it will not move or deform, effectively regulate parking order;

5. Simple installation, convenient warranty.

Wheel locators are also known as wheel blockers, wheel cushions, blockers, car blockers, etc., using manufactured natural rubber, with high pressure resistance, combining two colors: black and yellow. , mixed with reflective material in accordance with national standards, easy to see, has many advantages such as speed reduction, anti-slip, wear resistance, reducing wear on tires.

Install the wheel locator at the rear of the parking spot to control the wheels, put the car in the best parking position, avoid collisions with other vehicles, plus the wheel locator surface also Soft, can reduce tire wear, this is the best wheel positioning device today. Usually used in large parking lots, residential parking lots, specialized parking areas in factories, open parking locations, etc.

The product is installed permanently at the back of the parking lot, 1m from the front. When installing, use fixed screws at each parking location. You still have to use additional wire locks, nails or screws to strengthen it, ensuring all wheel locators of all vehicles are in a straight line. If the parking location is on the ground, the foundation must be made first and then the parking base will be fixed.

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