Covering column corners

Covering column corners The rubber has an easily recognizable yellow reflective 3M decal, helping drivers easily recognize it during the day and especially with reflective material, this product also attracts drivers' attention in areas lacking light or at night to ensure driver safety when stopping, and are also installed in parking lots and basement parking to protect wall corners from collisions and cracks.


Dimensions 1200x100x10:

Size 1000x100x10:

Dimensions 900x100x10:

Installation terrain 

Concrete column

Natural rubber


Elongation at break

Before aging: 60%
After aging: 40%
Variation: -33.3%

Synthetic rubber


Chemical additives

5 % (Zn, S, HBHT,..)

Rubber tensile strength

Before aging: 4,83%
After aging: 5,29%
Variation: –9.52%



Shore A hardness

Before aging: 78
After aging: 80
Degree of change: 2

Residual compression strain

  77.5% (25% thickness at

80 degrees Celsius after 24 hours)


3kg 80 shore A±5

900 x 100 x 10 mm

1200 x 100 x 10 mm

1000 x 100 x 10 mm

50 tons
Weight Rubber hardness Specifications Maximum load

Additional information


1000x100x10, 1200x100x10, 900x100x10

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